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Sweet potato classification


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Sweet potato classification

Autumn, and went to eat sweet potato season, now supermarket, vegetable market also listed a lot of sweet potato.Sweet potato is rich in protein, starch, pectin, amino acid, dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin A, B, C, E and calcium, potassium, iron and other more than 10 kinds of trace elements, the World Health Organization selected " Good vegetables "champion. Nutritionists also praised sweet potato as "the most balanced nutrition food." Sweet potato is a typical high potassium and low sodium food, its dietary fiber content is very high, than looking at the ribs of cabbage is much higher. Moreover, the fresh sweet potato vitamin C content than tomatoes, apples even higher, both heat and not afraid of water, difficult to lose in the process of processing.Sweet potato classificationSweet potato according to the different heart, there are white heart sweet potatoes, red and yellow heart sweet potatoes, purple heart sweet potato three categories, nutritional characteristics slightly different. White heart sweet potato high crude fiber content, sugar content than red and yellow heart 4% to 5% higher, more sweet taste; red yellow heart sweet potato in the carotene content to be higher, to protect the vision more beneficial; purple heart sweet potato selenium And anthocyanin content is higher, is a veritable antioxidant master.Autumn to eat sweet potatoes at the time, but be sure to be careful of four things1, fasting to eat sweet potato heartSweet potatoes contain a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, eat too much, there will be bloating, there will be a large number of gastric acid, Hiccups and other symptoms. But this situation is often for the normal function of the stomach is not, but the stomach is relatively weak, the stomach will protest Oh. In addition, it is recommended that the best high-temperature heating after hot eat.PS: gastric ulcer, multi-acid chronic gastritis people to eat less, so as to exacerbate the condition.How to alleviate the symptoms of eating sweet potato bloating? There are two ways, one with millet or glutinous rice porridge drink boiled sweet potato porridge, can alleviate the discomfort; the other is the steamed sweet potato, sweet potatoes can be first soaked in salt water for 10 minutes after cooking, can reduce the oxidase Effect, reduce bloating.2, eat sweet potato do not forget the staple foodBecause sweet potato is rich in starch, high calorie, the same amount of sweet potato and rice, the energy is quite, if you eat sweet potatoes and eat rice, the energy will inevitably exceed the standard. Recommended to replace the staple food in order to play its health effect. Generally, if you eat staple food, it is recommended to eat 100 to 200 grams can be.3, a meal to eat sweet potatoes notEat sweet potatoes lack of protein and lipid, the best with vegetables, fruits and protein food to eat together, it will not nutritional imbalance. For example, when eating sweet potatoes, but also eat less pork, can promote the fat-soluble β-carotene and vitamin E absorption; also with some salty dishes, both to adjust the taste, but also reduce the acid, eliminate gastrointestinal discomfort.4, sweet potato bogey and persimmon to eat withSweet potato and persimmon should not be eaten in a short time at the same time, if the same time consumption, sweet potato sugar in the stomach fermentation, will increase the secretion of gastric acid, and persimmon tannins, pectin reaction precipitation aggregation, resulting in lumps, Can cause gastrointestinal bleeding or cause gastric ulcer.ps: If the sweet potato food and more cases, should be separated by at least five hours or more to eat persimmon.So, will you eat sweet potatoes?Original address: http://health.qq.com/a/20170914/014492.htm

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